Transfer Vip

Price 100 Credits
Author Admin
Whatsapp 5531995407365

This script allows you to transfer vip from one account to another (days)
  • Very simple to use. No bugs or glitches
  • Example: /transfervip login2 10 -- will transfer 10 days of vip (it will add to the other account, if the vip is different the admin can configure what will happen)
# Resources
  • Multi language
  • Set minimum days
  • Charge Fee (in %) according to VIP Level
  • Set minimum Vip Level (example: only vip2 or vip 3, excluding vip1)
  • Allow to replace the vip if the Vip Level is higher (10 days of vip3 are transferred and the friend is vip2. The friend's vip becomes vip 3) or you can only transfer to accounts with the same Vip Level.

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