Guild War Devias

Price 250 Credits
Author Admin
Whatsapp 5531995407365



.Added option to create spots (disappear during the event)

.Added Switch mode (optional):

.You can add as many as you like. You can switch any player to capture, Battle Master or Assistant only.

.To dominate the castle you need to have control of all switches

.Can put SKIN for Switch Owner to differentiate.

.MaxRange of the editable switch (if the player stays away, it loses control)

# Description

> Castle siege in the devas castles (Devias 2 and Devias 3)

> During the clash, the GM needs to sit on the throne for 30 seconds to dominate the castle. By doing this non-guild or alliance players are moved out of the castle. At the end of the event, the guild that has spent the longest time with the castle will keep it until the next confrontation

> Each castle has a system independent of the other

> Only the owners (and allies) can enter the castle (like Land of Trials)

> Automatic start with custom day and time

> Ranking and awarding system for GM, BM, ASS and Player

> Multi language

# Resources

> Fully configurable awards

> Time needed to master the editable castle

> Editable time and day

> Editable name of castles and event

> Map included (you should have 2 pvp and only 2 thrones in castles)

# Website integration:

# Available Rewards: Click Here

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