Script Install Guide

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Register License:

  • Create an account on
  • Register you muserver license (x-team or ssemu) under panel option:

ZSystem Install STEPS:

  • Login and access user panel
  • Check ZSystem requirements 
  • Update and download requirements if necessary (powershell 5.1)
  • Download ZSystem
  • Delete everything inside Muserver/Data/Script folder and extract ZSystem
  • Execute ZSystem querys
  • UpdateSettings.lua with your customer id and set download = true
  • Reload Script/Restart GameServer

Script Guide

Each script will download automatic once you install ZSystem and activate download.

You must manual activate each script.

Each script has a version (Ex: 1_0_0.lua, 1_0_1.lua...).

To activate:

  • Execute script query if necessary
  • Rename Configs_default folder to Configs
  • Rename version.lua (1_0_0.lua) to App.lua  (must be App.lua, not app.lua).

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