Quest Patent

Price 200 Credits
Author Admin
Whatsapp 5531995407365

# Resources

  • Automatic progression without the need for command or npc
  • Command to check mission progress and requirement
  • Individual settings for each class
  • Creation of endless quests and ranks
  • All progress is saved in the database.
  • Possible to use multiple quest types in the same quest

#Types of Mission

  • reach level
  • Achieve Master Level
  • Achieve Resets
  • Achieving Master Resets
  • Get Time Online
  • Item Requirement (may define options, quantity)
  • Monster Requirement (number, specific monsters or minimum monster level, map valid for count)
  • Player Kill Requirement (amount, target conditions by: rank level, level, master level, resets, master resets, map, class)

# Available Rewards: Click Here

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