Zombie Invasion [V2]

Price 200 Credits
Author Admin
Discord https://discord.com/invite/vCJzPpe
Whatsapp 5531995407365


  • When the invasion is announced, talk to the npc to register. You will be transported to the event area and gain PK status (which will be removed at the end of the event) for better interaction.
  • Upon startup, a player will randomly be turned into a zombie, turned into a Skeleton to be identified.


  • The zombie's goal: infect other non-zombie players to gain and steal points.
  • The goal of non-zombies: kill special monsters that will be summoned throughout the event and not get infected.


  • Infection modes: Kill or just Hitar (you'll have to define it beforehand in the script's config
  • Setting time to automatically infect another player if someone n has been infected in X seconds.
  • Definition of blinding cycle and duration time ( debuff for non zombies )
  • Definition of % steal points that a zombie steals or infects a non-zombie
  • Set % steal points that a non-zombie steals or kills a zombie (only available in infection mode: Kill)
  • Definition of the monsters that will be summoned, respawn times and amount of points each will reward
  • Definition of teleport NPC's around the map that can only be used by zombies to move freely through the event.
  • Award according to the position in the ranking of points obtained at the end of the event. You can set the reward individually for each ranking position.

# Available Rewards: Click Here

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