Monster Evolution

Price 150 Credits
Author Admin
Whatsapp 5531995407365

The event starts, and summons several level 1 monsters on the map. You must attract 1 pair of monsters for it to evolve into a level 2 monster, then two of level 2 monsters to evolve to 3, and so on...

At the end of time, the system checks the monster's levels and awards it according to its level.

# Resources

  • Works by command
  • Multi-language messages (English, Portuguese, Spanish)
  • Date preset by year, month, day, weekday, hour, minute
  • Configurable Ad Duration and Time
  • Setting to randomize event map
  • Number of monsters that will be summoned
  • Reward for each monster level
  • Can be created as many levels as you want

# Possible rewards (all drop without owner, after a few seconds on the ground, any player can take it)

  • Event Bag
  • Edited Item
  • All options can be randomized

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